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WoahBros Aztec FR

WoahBros Aztec FR

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WoahBros is Proud to Announce Our 4th Shirt Design (Probably the Slickest Yet) Thanks For the Support!

  • 100% Cotton Maximized for Durability and Comfort
  • Double Stitching Throughout
  • Pearl Snap Buttons 
  • 8 oz. Fabric 
  • Ultimate Protection Against Sparks and Splatter
  • NFPA 2112/CAT2 Compliant 
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30-Day WoahBros Guarantee

Not satisfied with the purchase? Simply send it back and we'll get you refunded!

Free Express Shipping

Receive the punchiest FR shirt on the market in 1-3 business days! (US Only)

Size Replacement Guarantee

WoahBrosFR not fitting like you thought? Don't fret! Simply send it back and we'll get the new shirt sent back ASAP!

Fire Testing WoahBros

Built for Work

WoahBrosFR is built for the working man. With proper care WoahBrosFR can last up to 18 month! (Test FR yearly though)

Slick look FR Shirt with All-Day Comfort

If your into old school western-clothing you cannot go wrong with WoahBros. This is the only FR shirt of its kind that wont cook you under the sun.

Protects You from Painful Burns

Treated with a unique blend of starches, we call it FireSauce, WoahBrosFR can help protect you from unbearable 2nd and 3rd burns!

Prevents Spark and Spatter Holes

WoahBrosFR is made from 100% pure cotton. Any sparks or spatter that might come into contact wont make contact with your skin!

Made for The Working Man. Lasts 2X Longer

Cheap FR Shirts will look like a bear tore them up in less than a month! Seams of popular brands can come apart in less than 6 months! WoahBrosFR is built to last up to 18 months if you treat 'em right

Why Should I Wear an FR Shirt

Wearing a WoahBrosFR shirt is like wearing light armor that protects you from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Regular shirts that are Cat2 or NFPA 2112 compliant will burn and melt to your skin causing even more damage! Why? Because normal shirts act as fuel for fire. WoahBrosFR is self extinguishing and stops the fire in its tracks!

How Do I Wash and Dry my FR Shirt?

Wash the shirt inside out in cold water and drip dry afterwards to maximize longevity. Avoid using soaps detergents and fabric softners. Doing so can cause the treatment to wash away voiding the warranty

How Does The WoahBros Guarantee Work?

If for any reason you're not satisfied in the first 30 days simply ship it back to WoahBros HQ and we will get you refunded ASAP!

Are WoahBrosFR Double Stitched?

Yes WoahBrosFR are indeed double stitched. Its one of the reason WoahBrosFR can out last even the most expensive FR shirts out there.